Crying Victim

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I am back! A good friend of mine by the name of Loreal Jones mentioned a topic that I thought was a great idea to make a post about. She said and I quote “Don’t cry victim to circumstances you created.” “It’s not appealing.” See sometimes in life we put ourselves in situations or surround ourselves around people who tear us down mentally, physically, and sometimes spiritually. In these incidents we often put the blame on others when in actuality its our fault.

The unappealing aspect of this is the fact that there is not any ownership taken for putting yourself in those circumstances. This is a toxic behavior because you are blaming others for your behavior. I know I had to learn this and I am sure many others can relate. She also gave me a good quote from K. Michelle(a singer, she is great by the way give her a listen.) “Since you can’t get words and time back, use them wisely.” – Time(song by K. Michelle). This fits perfectly because the time you use crying victim can be time to reflect and fix your mistakes so that you know how to cope in future situations.





Remember ladies you are more than just a pretty face or a beautiful body. You have more to give to the world than you think. Don’t let the media and society’s standards tell you otherwise. Your self worth is determined by what you allow and what you put out into the world. I want you all to live your best life and explore the world before you give your world up to someone who doesn’t value it.  Remember you are #LadiesWithAPurpose!

Losing yourself

Have you guys ever been so invested in someone else and completely forgot that you are an individual with a life as well. Well it happens. This can be friendships or romantic relationships. You always think “Oh, it won’t happen to me.” Wellllllll… creeps up on you without warning. That feeling of self-pity or the thoughts of having no purpose in the world. You can not be so invested in making other people happy that you forget that you need happiness to. It is hard to not want to be there for your friends or significant other, but at some point you have to ask yourself……..Who is there for me? If you lose yourself due to you always being the “strong friend” or the one who wants the relationship more than your significant other then who will be there when they are gone.

My point is don’t completely give up on people, but to realize your self worth. I know my page is targeted at women, but this is for men as well. Know when to let go and reevaluate who your are and what makes you happy. I know how hard it is to keep seeing the good in people even though in reality they are very toxic. There is nothing wrong with having a moment to yourself to gain your sense of self back. Remember self love is the best love.

Supportive Women

In a world full of hate there is no need to tear each other down. Do you know how powerful women are? Imagine what it is like when they all come together to support each other. If you see another woman doing something great let them know, plus you may never know what connections they might have. Supportive women are needed today especially because women are facing so many battles that they can not handle alone. So don’t forget to be a lady with a purpose today and support other women.